We believe in the magic of love and weddings and that an engaged couple’s story deserves to be heard and reflected in their most important of days. We’ll take care of the not-so-magical part, the planning details, from the first day of planning through the last dance, so you can enjoy the bliss of starting your new life together without worry and stress.  As we get to know you, we’ll create a unique service package tailored just for your specific needs. From our Coordination to Full Planning options, we’ll be there for you and your family with our professionalism, experience, extreme organization and stylish touches to help create and execute the perfect day of your dreams.


I’ve been a lover of all things romantic and elegant my entire life.  For many years, I dreamed of a career in event planning as I planned large events and weddings for friends and family.  After planning our own wedding, I realized the importance of having a planner, or at the very least a coordinator, there to execute your dream.  Ask me sometime and I’ll tell you the crazy story.

After 25 years in the Real Estate/Escrow Industry, I finally realized that event planning truly was my calling and thankfully I made the move as I’ve never been happier!  With the help of an LVL Academy education to kickstart and support my leap of faith, I have helped many couples plan and coordinate the day of their dreams. I love getting to know our clients and really connecting with them on a personal level.  Each story is unique and special to my heart. To this day, it never fails… I cry at every wedding. We are all emotionally invested in your big day and I love having that connection with you!

On our (rare) free weekends, I love spending time with my “boys” as I call them, The Hubs and our two furry children, working on our new fixer-upper home or on walks.  We also love travelling to see our extensive family whenever possible and bubbly brunching with friends. We’re very lucky to have many loved ones in our life to spend time with!

the blissfully styled team


A creative spirit and adventurer at heart, Casey worked for years as a server and comes from a large family that thinks every life event deserves a party. With her work history she has learned to balance discipline, structure, and imagination and now applies those skills to every project she is privileged to be involved in.  Casey’s goal is to never stop learning, beam positivity into everything she does, and to create joy and beauty in as many ways as possible.

Lauren has always had a passion for planning and organizing events. When holiday and dinner parties led to planning friends’ bachelorette weekends and their weddings, she knew she needed to find her niche in the wedding industry. The organization the industry requires and the freedom it gives her to express her creativity is what she loves most. To further her education, Lauren is looking forward to attending the LVL Academy in June 2018. 


Cynthia has been working in the special event industry for about 8 years now doing everything from making you pretty for your special day to helping ensure everything runs smoothly. She enjoys helping clients achieve their ideal perfect event and creating life long memories. Whether it's your wedding day or a fun party as a part of the BSE team, she is here to help make your special day as perfect as possible.


Sydnee has been working in this industry in one way or another for almost 15 years and she loves the rush of crunch time and seeing the results of everyone's hard work. Sydnee feels that working in event planning and coordinating is magical because you get to see someone's vision and dream come true. Being a part of your creation and perfectly special day is truly satisfying and fulfilling to her.