Engagement Photo Shoot Style


Your engagement shoot is next week and you are freaking out because you don’t know what to wear. Let’s talk this through. I don’t know about you but I was always told when I was younger not to wear white in photos, and I couldn’t even begin to tell you why! I am assuming maybe because the theory was that it would wash you out? Not totally sure. But anyways, you do you, boo! If you want to wear white in those photos, you do it! I will however recommend that only one of you (may I suggest rock paper scissors if a debate is brewing) wears white. Too much of a good thing CAN, in fact, wash you out and make your photos a little too blended. Remember how when you were younger and your parents would dress you and your older sibling in the same outfit and now looking at all your baby photos you can’t seem to actually see you, you are so overwhelmed by the identical outfits? Yeah, like that. I suggest, coordinating your attire with a subtle contrast.

If you are starting to panic thinking “wait, but my wedding dress is white, why all this commotion about wearing white in photos!?” Let me let you in on a little secret that the one and only Miss Hayley Paige told me… most “white” dresses aren’t technically white! If you have already gotten your dress or you are anything like me and have researched the crud out of wedding dresses you know that a vast majority of them are in fact ivory, and not actually white…but they look white to us. The reason designers do this is because they know the dress will be photographed immensely and ivory photographs white! Remember, photographers are masters when it comes to lighting, retouching, and editing, so an ivory dress on a sunny day after retouching, will most likely look lighter and brighter in the finished product. Bringing me back to, if you want to wear white in your engagement photos, that’s totally fine, maybe just put your other half in something a few shades darker, to create contrast.


Enough about white, let's talk mood. If you are the couple who is constantly going to galas and charity balls (good on ya!), that more than likely sets the tone for your mood as a couple. So that when someone says your name they think of you that way, all dressed up and luxurious. If you and your partner are season ticket holders to the Angels and are serving wings at your cocktail hour (also, good on ya!), this also sets a mood for the type of love you share. It is so import to capture the essence of your love in your engagement photos. When your guests receive your Save the Date in the mail and see that photo, or scroll over it on Instagram it should take them no less than half a second to recognize you and your relationship.

I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten a Save the Date in the mail and I’m like “who is this..?” Nine times out of Ten it is someone who I know as a laid back, casual couple, dressed up in clothes they probably borrowed trying to be someone they aren’t.

Think back to high school homecoming. You’re 16 and the boy who has been crushing on you since the 6th grade finally asks you to the dance, and your parents take 14,000 photos before they hesitantly hand you the keys to the suburban. Remember how uncomfortable the boy looked in those photos!? It’s because that 16 year old boy wanted nothing more than to burn that tie and take off those uncomfortable shoes! Bottom line, if you are uncomfortable in the clothes you are wearing, it will shine through in the photos. Wear what you are comfortable in and feel good in. I can not stress the saying enough“look good, feel good”.


A few extra tips for your engagement shoot, bring options! If you are a casual couple but want a more formal photo, bring a couple of different outfits and options. Different settings will compliment different attire. Even if you are a buffalo-wing-eating, Saturday-night-in kinda couple, but you have that spiffy outfit you’ve been dying to wear, do it! As long as you feel comfortable and beautiful in it. Tip number two is to make sure that your clothes are steamed or pressed. Wrinkles are sneaky little suckers who love to steal the spotlight and are extremely photogenic! Pro Tip, RELAX! Make sure that the day of your photos you and your significant other are happy, calm, cool and collected. This shoot is a practice run for your big day and just like being uncomfortable in your clothes, if you are upset, nervous, or fighting, it will show!


Relax, have fun, look good, feel good… You’re getting Married!


Karen Sieger